Sunday, April 28, 2013

Biscuits Ball

We haven't had great luck with watching the Montgomery Biscuits.  One night when we were a family of 3 we went and Walter got sick so we had to leave early... very early.  Another time Walter took David and the game was rained out. 

Last Friday, David was supposed to have a baseball game of his own.  The rain earlier in the day rained the game out.  David saw a Biscuits commercial earlier in the week and stated he wanted to go to the game.  They were doing free food for kids and fireworks. I came home from work and we decided we would go to the Biscuits game.  Carrie, who keeps the babies, was working as a Biscuits Bunch that night too.  We wanted to go see her in action too.  Our tickets were awesome.  We were on the second row right behind home plate.  We could see everything. 

David enjoyed his food.  He always does.  He had a hot dog, Sprite, and an ice cream sandwich.  As the night went on it got colder so we had to have us some hot chocolate too.  The team played great and was up 17 to something.  We saw some homeruns hit and a foul ball that went into one of the suites.  David was bundled up in a jacket, two hats, gloves, and a blanket.  He was still freezing.  We kept asking him did he want to go home but he wanted to stay for the fireworks and to do a game or something with Carrie.  She got him up with a bunch of kids to dance and he was on the jumbotron.  He said he was embarrased to dance at first but then he wasn't.  It was almost 10 when the game was over but we made it.  The fireworks were great and David made sound effect the whole time.  The boy can't be quiet.  He says he is like his Pawpaw.  His words, not mine. 

Anyway, we had a great time making memories.  We are thankful my Mom stayed up late to keep the babies too.  We are blessed to have so many people who are happy to help us with our team... kids.

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