Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life is Busy... And Happy

Life has been busy and quiet frankly I haven't thought about posting.  So much has happened in 2013.      First, Daniel and Dillan's child care changed.  Unfortunately, Erica could no longer keep them due to health problems.  We prayed about it and waited.  We didn't want them in a day care.  God answered our prayers and provided us with trusted people.  Between Carrie, Betty, and my in-laws all 5 days are covered.  The best part is they are at home and happy!

David is still doing great in school.  His lowest average so far is a 97.  He reads on a third grade level and enjoys it!  He really likes true books, Dr. Seuss, and graphic books.  He will begin playing baseball for the first time in March.  We will take a break from gymnastics.
February brought Valentine's Day... Or Singles Awareness Day as my friend Marcy calls it.  Walter and I had a date to Ox Yoke while my Dad kept the kids.  It was very nice to have a full conversation while enjoying shrimp and steak.  David was excited with his goodies and the babies didn't too much care.  I also went to David's party at school.  We made brownies, drove off and left them at home, and had to turn around.  But we made it...And the first graders enjoyed them.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Alabama Basketball Game

Road Trip!!!  David, Amber, and I had never been to an UA basketball game.  All of us plus Karla and Walter took a Sunday afternoon to go to the Alabama vs Tulane game.  We left early so we could see the Bear Bryant Museum.  It was neat seeing all the old and new trophies and accomplishments. 

The museum closed and we walked across the road to the Coleman Coliseum.  The glass windows on the front were beautiful.  We had a good view from our seats behind the goal.  We sat for a few minutes and decided to walk around.  What's the first thing we do???  Buy a funnel cake and Dippin Dots.  What else?  It's time to splurge.  The food was David's favorite part.  My favorite was watching the cheerleaders at half time.  Unfortunately, Alabama lost at the last second.  We had fun anyway.  Next sport on my agenda... a gymnastics meet!