Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My 2nd Grader Left Me

Our alarm clocks (Dillan and Daniel) woke us up 2 minutes before the real alarm clock went off Monday.  We woke up to a 2nd grader.  A very bright and caring 2nd grader who loves science and his family.

This Mama doesn't do mornings, so he got a choice of cereal or blueberry pancakes... not the homemade kind!  He chose the pancakes.  We had his clothes out and he did a great job of getting ready and brushing his teeth.  We were all actually ready ahead of time.  What's the chances of that happening? 

After taking some first day photos we took the babies (yes, I still call them babies) to Erica's house.  We made it to school just in time for me to go to morning duty.  I explained to David I would be in the lunchroom until 7:30 when the bell rings and then I would come and walk him to his room.  He said okay.  Well,  came and I went to get him form the Library.  Only he and his backpack were gone!  Surely he didn't walk down by himself.  I walked to Ms. Preskitt's room and guess who was standing there looking for "his number?"  Yep, that handsome fellow of mine.  He had walked himself to second grade all alone!  I asked him why he didn't wait and he said he did, I just didn't ever come.  He must have waited all of 34 seconds! 

He loved his day with Ms. Preskitt and the pet alligator, Iggy.  This morning he told me he thought he was the unluckiest boy in the world, but he's not because he likes his 2nd grade teacher!  Love that kid and his deep thinking.  This Mommy is happy my boy is enjoying 2nd grade.  Very thankful for a creative and fun teacher!  Click the link to see what he has been doing at school: David's Class Blog 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2 Years Have Flown By

A little over 2 years ago, life was a bit scary and chaotic for this family of three.  We were wondering how long our sweet peas would "stay in the oven to cook."  People all over were in prayer for us and we knew God was with us. 

Fast forward 2 years, and here we are.  Past the crazy delivery (1 vaginal...sorry don't know how else to put it... and 1 C-section), NICU time for Daniel, waking every 3 hours to attempt to force 2 babies to eat, burping, smelling like vomit due to all the spit-up, formula, etc.  We have 2 more healthy boys to love on.  Two more children to share our groceries lives with. 

Yesterday, we celebrated by having some friends and family over for a sprinkler birthday party.  It was a full house here at the Quinn resident. We are so blessed to have so many supporters, friends, and encouragers around us. 

The boys did an awesome job of blowing out the candles.  It somehow worked out perfectly.  We had a number 2 candle and 2 other candles on the Cat in the Hat cake.  We sang Happy Birthday and I put the cake up to Daniel to let him blow.  He blew out 2 candles which still left one for Dillan.  :)  We didn't have to relight the candles!  They loved the cake that my BFF, Natasha, made and then enjoyed some other foods.  Dillan opened the presents a LITTLE bit, but Daniel had NO interest.  He grabbed a car and was ready to wonder off. 

Dillan greeted us at our bed at 2:28 this morning.  He was excited about his birthday... yeah right!  I had to carry him back to his own bed.  When they did wake up for good, we had cinnamon rolls with candles for them.  Dillan blew his out, but Daniel just stared this go round. 

Someone tried to eat cake before it was time... PRESTON!  Hehe!

After church we went to Zaxby's to eat.  There were NO tables so we got our food to go and ate at my mom's house.  Again, they had a candle to blow out.  How many candles can 2 year olds possibly blow out?!?!  Anyway, Happy Birthday to Dillan and Daniel who brighten up our days. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Check-ups for Three

Monday all three children had check-ups.  7 years for David that we postponed and 2 years for Dillan and Daniel.  My Dad went with me to help with crowd kid control.  All three of them were on it!  Wild!

They were weighed and measured. That was a lot of fun in the tiny room. 

David weighed 62 pounds and was 4 feet 2.5 inches tall.  He is in the 75th percentile for both.  If this continues he will be about 6 feet tall as an adult. 

Dillan weighed 32 pounds, was 34 inches tall, and had a head circumference of 19.5 inches.  He is in the 75th percentile for weight, 50th for height, and  80th percentile for head. 

Daniel weighed 28 pounds, was 34 inches tall, and had a head circumference of 19 3/4 inches. He is in the 50th percentile for height and weight and the 95th percentile for head circumference!  Bahahaha! Is it bad to laugh at your own child?  He is so cute with his big little head. 

Tuesday Walter and I took Dillan to his first appointment in Birmingham with the Orthopedic Specialist.  Dr. Carlile and us have been concerned about Dillan's legs turning out, his second toe going on top of his big toe, and walking on his tippy toes.  First of all, who knew St. Vincent's Hospital was so BIG?!  It was harder to get around than Children's Hospital!  We were supposed to park in Parking Lot 1 and go to Building 1.  Well we parked in Parking Deck 3, walked through building 3, the hospital, building 2, and finally made it to building 1.  Then we couldn't find the office and ended up in the Lobby near Pre-Op and got pointed in the right direction. 

Dr. Killian's office took x-rays of Dillan's legs and feet.  Shortly after, Dr. Killian came in and told us he wasn't worried about the legs turning out (he should grow out of it) or his toes (hereditary thanks to my Dad I hear).  Walking on his toes is a problem.  He pointed out Dillan is double jointed in most of his joints but his tendon in his heel is tight.  So tight is feet will barely go to a 90 degree angle.  We will do physical therapy to try to stretch it out.  Hopefully we caught it early enough to not have to do other things to fix them. 

All in all, great appointments for the Quinn boys!  Eating at The Cheesecake Factory wasn't so bad either!  AND it was So EASY going out to eat with only 1 child!  Who knew???