Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My 2nd Grader Left Me

Our alarm clocks (Dillan and Daniel) woke us up 2 minutes before the real alarm clock went off Monday.  We woke up to a 2nd grader.  A very bright and caring 2nd grader who loves science and his family.

This Mama doesn't do mornings, so he got a choice of cereal or blueberry pancakes... not the homemade kind!  He chose the pancakes.  We had his clothes out and he did a great job of getting ready and brushing his teeth.  We were all actually ready ahead of time.  What's the chances of that happening? 

After taking some first day photos we took the babies (yes, I still call them babies) to Erica's house.  We made it to school just in time for me to go to morning duty.  I explained to David I would be in the lunchroom until 7:30 when the bell rings and then I would come and walk him to his room.  He said okay.  Well,  came and I went to get him form the Library.  Only he and his backpack were gone!  Surely he didn't walk down by himself.  I walked to Ms. Preskitt's room and guess who was standing there looking for "his number?"  Yep, that handsome fellow of mine.  He had walked himself to second grade all alone!  I asked him why he didn't wait and he said he did, I just didn't ever come.  He must have waited all of 34 seconds! 

He loved his day with Ms. Preskitt and the pet alligator, Iggy.  This morning he told me he thought he was the unluckiest boy in the world, but he's not because he likes his 2nd grade teacher!  Love that kid and his deep thinking.  This Mommy is happy my boy is enjoying 2nd grade.  Very thankful for a creative and fun teacher!  Click the link to see what he has been doing at school: David's Class Blog 

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