Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Here Batter Batter

Baseball season is here!  Usually it's Walter and I playing ball.  This year we are sitting out and David is playing.  This is his first time.  We never signed him up before because we didn't want to start him too early.  He has many years to play!

He had his first game about a week ago.  His first.time at bat, hittin off a machine throwing 39 mph, he got a hit!  He was smiling ear to ear and so were we!  He played left field and didnt have any action.  No need to worry.  He has some mad dance moves in the field.  His team won the game.

His second game, he moved to lead off batter.  He didn't have as much luck.  No hits.  The third game he was 2 for 2!  We are so proud of him and he is having a good time.

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