Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring is Here

I love Sring time.  It is such a beautiful sight in Alabama.  Kids can go out in the yard and no one gets too hot.  This year we had Spring Break the last week of March.  E first several days it felt like January.  It was cold and the wind could blow you away.

We planned on going to Gulf Shores the first weekend for David's birthday.  We were going to go to Mobile and take the kids to the Explorium.  Well, baseball and two of his friends' birthday party got in the way.  David decided to stay here and do those things and go to the beach another time.  This decision took a lot of processing for him.  First, he had to make sure he would eventually do all activities.

Saturday he had birthday pancakes, went birthday shopping, and to baseball practice.  That afternoon we all went to the mall and played in the arcade.  David loves playing games.  We ate in the Food Court.  Then it got too dark to stay at the mall.

Sunday, after church, we went to the party at Wonder World.  The kids had a great time playing laser tag, skating, and jumping in the inflatable.

We hung out at the house the next few days.  Thursday I took a road trip with my friend Amber down to Orange Beach.  We met Marcy, Amy, and Jenny there.  It was some much needed relaxation, eating, and shopping time.  We all fell asleep on the beach.  That's a first!

Saturday the Easter activities began.  David and I died eggs.  The babies' cold turned into a low fever.  Walter ended up staying home with them while David and I went to Pine Level to Easter with some of the family.  We had an egg hunt, fished, ate, and rode around on 4 wheelers, golf carts, and mules. I love spending time with family.

Sunday was a day to celebrate the Ressurection.   The music at church was awesome!  We went to Aunt ReRe's for Easter lunch.  I met Calloway people I had never met before!  Again, we ate and fished, and had an egg hunt.

I love my family, friends, and the fun times we have together.  God has blessed us, and blessed us, and blessed us some more.

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