Saturday, May 11, 2013


Mothers Day is tomorrow and it has me thinking... Thinking about me being a mother, my Mom, Walters Mom, my Mawmaw and Granny, and the women wanting to become a Mom.  It makes me feel a sense of thankfulness for being blessed with 3 sons, having a great mother, a helpful MIL, a loving Mawmaw, and a funny Granny.  I have learned things from all of the above.  
Some of my favorite moments of my Mama are of her teaching me how to do a backhand spring.  I still remember her having me between the living and dining room spotting me over and over.  I also remember landing on my head once.  I remember her being the class Mom and helping my teachers and Josh's.  I loved going on day trips with her when I made honor roll.  I remember her surprising josh and I with a trip to Six Flags and we fussed the whole ride there.  Sorry about that!  She planned and gave helped make our wedding fabulous!  She gives good advice when I want it and when I don't.  Our 3 boys have an amazing Granny who loves on them, plays with them, and spoils them.  I am thankful god chose me to be my Moms daughter.  
Karla has become a good grandma.  While I was on bed rest for 13 weeks, she and Jim helped take care of David.  Now they watch Dillan and Daniel once a week.  If they didn't do this, the awesomeness of having the boys stay home wouldn't be possible.  When David has a 7:30 baseball game, she comes over and stays while the babies sleep so I can watch David play.  For this, I am thankful.
My Mawmaw... The sweetest lady I know.  She loves everyone and wants everyone to be happy.  I remember going to her work and cooking goodies.  She always scratched my back.  She let me wear her makeup.  She would sneak milkshakes to me and josh at 11 at night.  She broke all the switches.  She cooks for all of us.  She is amazing.  
My Granny had 10 kids and too many grand kids to count.  We saw her each Sunday growing up.  She always made me bread pudding.  She kept lemons in her fridge that I loved to eat.  She was funny and didn't t even know it.  She would tell all the cousins to "play pretty."  She offered me a cigarette one time when I was about 16!  I thought my mom was going to croak!  Bahahaha!  She was a trip...

I always knew I had amazing women in my life.  After having my own children, I realized this even more.  God first blessed us with David James.  He was such an easy baby.  He was so cute and chubby.  Then we prayed for another child and were blessed with 2.  They have brought even more joy.  They keep us entertained and busy.  They are into everything!  They love their Bubba.  I always wanted to be a good Mama.  I want them to remember me as a fun Mama who taught them about the Bible, disciplined them, played with them, showed them love, and made them feel special.  I love being the Mama of all 3.  They make me happy.  I enjoy taking them places and giving them new experiences!  I m thankful for the chance to be their Mama. 

Happy Mother's Day!


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