Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Started

Blogging came across my mind one day while I was on bed rest. I finally had time to sit and type about Walter, David, Dillan, Daniel, and me! I wondered if it would be worth the time and how many people will be interested enough to take the time and read the posts. Anyway, here it goes!

It all started 10 years ago on a Spring Break trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. I was 17 and a Junior in high school. Walter was 20 and I don't know which job he had then. I think he had just quit working for the State of Alabama??? Anyway, Natasha, Amber, and I were riding on the strip when Natasha spotted her ex-boyfriend, Jason Shumaker, riding in Walter's Rodeo. She flagged them down. We parked and rode around with them a while. We danced and hung out the rest of the night. I thought Walter was OLD and would not even think about it! We parted our ways and went back to our own hotel. Natasha convinced me he was not OLD... he just looked it because of all the facial hair and such. A few days later, I ran into him at the Chevron in Elmore. He invited some of my friends and me over to hang out at his trailor. We ended up going and I have been stuck with him ever since!

Engagement Picture

Fast forward three years and we were married... March 6, 2004. I was in college at the time and Walter was putting on vinyl siding. We bought a house in Titus just in time!

On March 23, 2006, we welcomed our first son, David James Quinn, into the world. Now we are expecting twin boys, Dillan and Daniel, in August.

David's Room

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