Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Dedication

As a Baptist, we believe in dedicating babies to the Lord. What does that mean? It means that the parents are making a vow to raise their child in a Christian house, teaching them about God.

On October 15, 2006, when David was 7 months old, we dedicated him during a small ceremony held at New Home Baptist Church in Titus, Alabama. Our family was there to witness this very special occasion. My parents, Walter's parents, my grandparents, and Aunt NaNa was there, which meant a lot to us.

Our little baby, was always a BIG baby and high on the scale. When Brother Bill went to lift him up to the Lord, he almost didn't make it! He made a comment about David being too heavy and the congregation laughed.

We have kept our promise by raising David up in church and teaching him about the Bible and God the best we can. I pray we continue to do so.

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