Friday, July 22, 2011

The Scariest Lion

David's first Halloween... I am partial, but I think David was the cutest lion ever! Drew came over to Granny's house so the lion and Tigger hung out together for a bit.

The night was busy. We went by Walter's parents house so they could see him. We also went to my mom's house to Trick or Treat. Yes, that is right... David went trick or treating and he always will as long as their are porch lights on. It makes me irritated when I hear poeple talk about how unsafe it is or whatever! Don't take the fun out of Halloween. Yeah, we do the church thing to, but when I think about Halloween, I think about trick or treating and getting tons of candy! Enough about that, we hauled David in the stroller and took off around the neighborhood. We have done the same thing each year ever since.

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