Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a busy time for the Quinn Family.  David had strep throat until the day before Halloween so he didn't get to join us at the Wetumpka Candy Walk.  Daniel and Dillan suited up as Big Al and we went ahead to get David candy.  Uncle Josh, Jackie, and Madeline met us there to make the walk even more exciting.  We had to keep Goldfish in Daniel and Dillan's mouth to keep them happy.  Uncle Josh was concerned that we were messing him up with the ladies!  :) 
Halloween Night was fun.  We suited up again.  This time, David was a professional hunter, Dillan was Eeyore and Daniel was Tigger.  We took the opportunity for photos before we went Trick or Treating.  Daniel and Dillan was more into the pumpkins on the front porch than the photos.  David laughed at them and Walter and I chased them around trying to get them to be still for pictures. 
We left home and met my Mom and Dad at Waffle House for supper.  Then we headed on over the River Oaks to get some candy.  We made a deal with David.  He had to say thank you to everyone who gave him candy.  If he didn't, we got to eat the candy.  It worked because we didn't get a single piece of candy!  After all the fun was over we went home for bed. 

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