Saturday, October 20, 2012

HHS Class of 2002 Ten Year Reunion

It's been 10 years. Yep, 10 years since I said goodbye to Holtville High School. There are so many memories of that place that sit out in a field of cows.   In Mr. Willi's Economics class, Ashley Steverson Hammock plucked my eyebrows. At break, we all hung out around the gas tank. Skipping Coach Broom's class to go have lunch in Wetumpka. Man, I drove so fast to make it there and back before the next period. Playing volleyball for Coach Libby Collier. We would lose, and she would take us in the loker room and give us a good, serious talking to and I would be laughing in the back of my head becaue although I wanted to win, I didn't think it was THAT serious. Sorry, Coach Collier. There were weekends riding around with Jenny Steverson, Natasha Glasscock McMillan, Ashley, and Amber Brooks. Girls' trips to Christmas City and Six Flags. Sorry Jenny for asking you to stop for us to go to the bathroom. That wasn't the right thing to do. I think my head still has a peice missing from were she bit some off. :) Then, I met Walter during Spring Break of my Junior year on the strip in Panama City riding with Amber and Natasha. What were our parents thinking letting us go to PC? Well, I am glad they did. There are so many more memories... both good and bad.

I was so happy to graduate and leave all the drama of high school. I never was into that kind of thing. Saturday night, I was excited to get back with all of those people I was waiting to leave 10 years ago.

We had all had so many exciting things to happen in those years. College, marriage, kids, jobs... and some divorces. Things and times had changed, but seemed to be the same too. I talked to people and it didn't feel "odd." It was almost like we were all together last week. I laughed a lot that night (mostly at Natasha and Ben Anderson). I am really thankful for such a great class to graduate with.

Many thanks goes to Natasha and Ben for working so hard to get this thing together. I don't think people realize how much work goes into things like this. That is something I have learned throughout life... be grateful for all things. 

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