Tuesday, November 20, 2012

49-0, Roll Tide!

I love spending time with my buddy.  He is fun to be around.  Saturday, we headed to T-town to watch Bama stomp Western Carolina.  There isn't much between here and there.  We finally found a gas station.  We stopped to get us some hot chocolate.  For some reason, road trips and gas stations go together.  It's the perfect time to eat junk.  It's the memories, right? 

We found our parking space a couple hours before game time.  Off to the Quad we went.  Pre-Game activities are David's favorite part of the game.  Straight to the inflatables we went.  As you can see in the picture above, David had fun on the giant slide. 

Then we went and looked at the statues.  Nick Saban was too crowded to we just took a picture with him in the background.  His head and hands seem a little big compared to the rest of his body.  I guess it doesn't matter when you have winning teams like him. 
We went into the stadium and bought us some food.  I think it should have come with gold for the price we paid.  :)  I guess that's how they pay Saban.  The trip wouldn't be complete without some Dippin Dots.  After half time, the score was already 42-0.  We watched the band and headed back home just in time to catch the Spear twins birthday party. 

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