Monday, May 28, 2012

Get Ready Gulf Shores, Here We Come!

I finally convinced Walter to take a beach trip! We planned to go Memorial Day weekend. He didn't realize it was a holiday weekend and I wasn't about to tell him! :) Some things are better left unknown.

It didn't take long to figure out we have to pack the whole house to go on a trip! I spent all of Thursday night packing after I got home from gymnastics. I packed, packed, and packed some more.

We loaded everything in the car that could stand the heat for a day. Friday, we went to school as normal. Around 12:00, day care called and GUESS WHAT?1?1 Daniel was throwing up! Give me a break, I thought. I took half the day off of work and went home with all the kids trying to decide if Daniel had a virus or just had something that didn't agree with his little tummy. The options were to not go to the beach, take Daniel and hope he got better, or leave him with old faithful (my Mom) and take the rest of the crew. It was a hard decision because David was very excited AND we had already packed!

When we got home, I gave Daniel some sweet potatoes. Half way through, they came back up. ALL OF THEM! Gross! I got him cleaned up and decided he was sick! Walter and I dixcussed it and decided to let him be pampered by Granny while we headed off to the beach. So we did.

Other than missing the WILD ONE, the trip was good. We went to the beach Saturday morning. David boogy boarded and Dillan ate sand and shells. We put him in the edge of the ocean and he liked it.  Didn't even phase him.

Next was the pool. David played and Dillan chilled in his float. He was so calm and layed back in the pool. He even dozed off a couple of times while David played volleyball.

Sunday, we went to the pool again.  David found some friends to play with.  Dillan ate his float and got sleepy again. 

Mom and Dad were happy because we got to eat seafood at a new place called Shaggy's at Zeke's Landing and my favorite, The Shrimp Basket.  YUMMMM!

Beach trip= SUCCESS. Now to convince Walter we need to go back for Daniel to have his 1st beach trip. :)~

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