Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cowboy Up! David's 6!

David James Quinn turned 6 years old on Friday, March 23.  What an exciting day for him!  I woke up early to cook him pancakes, which is his favorite.  Walter rolled his new bike in and he sat on it for a while.  It was the last day before Spring Break.  His class had fun activities planned.  They watched movies and had a special snack for him with cupcakes.  He also got birthday spankings.  He was really nervous abot that part.  He thought his class would want them to be hard!  I even got a picture of it.  His face was SO red.  A little girl in his class, Hanna, even asked him why his face was red! 

Mrs. Kelley brought eggs to class and they began hatching on David's bday.  She let him hold one of them and pet it.

After school, we went home and cooked homemade pizza together.  David likes to cook and is good at it.  My mom and Walter's parents ended up coming over, so they ate with us.  After supper was cake time.  David blew out his candle and made a wish.  David opened their presents and got a fishing pole and some fishing things to use in the pond.  Since then he has caught some crappie and bream with the pole.  He and Walter like going outside and fishing. 

The next day was his party at The Iron Horse Ranch.  What a cool place to have a party.  Anita did a great job.  David and his friends rode horses, had a marshmallow fight, roped a fake cow, and petted the donkey.  The kids could run around and be kids. 

David is 6 and a HUGE blessing to Walter and I.  He is amazing to us.  He reads like a third grader, barely skipping a beat when he comes to big words.  He is drawn to anything science.  His math skills are great.  Out of everything, the love he shows to people around him is the greatest.  He has concern for others and he shows that in the way he acts and the prayers he prays.  I pray that we will be good examples to him and encourage him in all that he does, jsut like we promised God we would do when we dedicated him to the Lord.

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