Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Memories

So many times I have heard "Your kids will grow up fast, so enjoy them while you can" so that's what I try to do.  I know we stay on the go a lot, but I enjoy it and they do too.  We are busy making memories. 

This Christmas Break was a busy one!  One day we spent at Oak Mountain in Pelham.  I have never been there, but have heard a lot about it.  I researched a little online and thought the kids would enjoy the trails, birds, and petting zoo.  Desoto Caverns was our other option, but after looking, it was too expensive for a day trip.  $7 for Oak Mountain, $98 for admission to Desoto Caverns, not including the extras like the maze, archery, panning for gold, etc. We picked up my Dad and made the drive.  It was much colder than the weather man said it would be and cloudy too.  I was glad I had lots of coats and hats in the trunk.  We went to the bird rehab first and saw some of the birds.  Then we walked on the Treetop Trail.  After walking along a beautiful creek with lots of small waterfalls for a while, we saw a building in the distance.  It was a nice wooden walking trail above ground with several large cages along the way with vultures, hawks, and owls!  Very neat to see in the woods!  The trip back to the car was uphill!  We were all tired, thirsty, and hungry when we got to the top.  We sat in the car and had a snack.  Our next stop was the petting zoo.  The goats, donkey, and peacocks were so calm when we got there so we went and bought some food.  We were ambushed immediately!  Animals came from everywhere.  I was trying to keep them off of me, Dillan, and Daniel.  I look and see David pinned against the building with hungry goats!  I sent Dad to rescue him!  The hungry animals were doing everything but attacking us.  It was quite humorous!  I've never been so happy to see an empty feed sack!

Another day David and I met with Tina and Quinn and went ice skating.  I always enjoy talking with Tina so it was nice to have 2 hours of adult conversation while the boys skated.  The cookie from the Cookie Company wasn't bad either.

On New Year's Eve we went down the road to the Clark's house for supper, a bon fire, and fireworks.  The fireworks were massive!  We had such a good time, we didn't leave until 11...with the kids. 

On New Year's Day, we met mom at Ft. Toulouse and went on a little hike.  David found something interesting and immediately knew what it was.  Us adults didn't.  See if you can figure it out. 

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