Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CHRISTmas Time 2014

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. I love the two week break to spend time with family and celebrate Jesus' birthday. 

The very first night Walter took me on a date to Tokyo while Mom kept the kids.  It was nice to have time with him to talk and think and relax.  Tokyo was yummy as usual and my date was hot.  A good night.

Saturday I woke up and headed to my Mom's house to let the kids open presents.  They were waiting on me when I got there.  David didn't feel good and was coughing some, but he played anyway.  We went home and David didn't do much.  That night he had a fever.  Sunday we arrived at Urgent Care when they opened...still 5th in line.  He tested positive for flu.  The next 5 days were lots of fun.  He hates liquid medicine.  When I say hates, I mean he acts like a 2 year old whining, gagging, covering his mouth.  Yeah, all that.  Every morning and every night we had a battle with him.  Towards the end he did get some better.  The good part is no one else in the house got it. 

We also enjoyed Christmas with Mawmaw.  Aunt Carolyn was down from North Caroline, so we got to spend time with her as well.  Dillan and Daniel loved their poot gun!  It was their favorite.  David didn't get to go since he was still sick.  He had to open his presents at home in the bed.  :( 

Christmas Eve was busy with lunch at Karla and Jim's house and supper here with my Dad.  I thought we were in a war at Karla and Jim's.  It was one of those times when the gift opening is over and you don't know what just happened.  Karla and Jim didn't even have time to start on their presents by the time everyone else was finished.  Dillan and Daniel were into everything they shouldn't be into.  All the breakables and stairs.  When Dad came over our house turned into a playhouse with the radio flyer roller coaster riding toy.  Walter put it together and all the kids played on it.  They loved it!  David was excited to get a drone that takes pictures and videos.  Now he has to practice with it.  It was a pleasant day filled with memories. 

Christmas morning David came and got in the bed with us to wake us up.  He has always been good about waking us up before he looks at his presents.  Dillan and Daniel not so much.  They were into all that Santa brought.  We had to get up quick.  They were all excited.  Santa brought a Mip robot for David and Dillan and Daniel had a race track and trains.  We finished up with opening presents to each other.  They were all happy with what they got and so was I.  Walter did good this year.  Mom, Dad, Karla, and Jim came over for brunch.  We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and ate.  The grandparents played with the kids and their new toys.  It was great family time and not too chaotic too.  Days like that make me appreciate my family even more. 

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