Sunday, August 24, 2014

August is a Busy Month

We are halfway through August and it's already a busy month.  Dillan and Daniel's 3rd birthday was August 4, with their party being on the 2nd.  We celebrated their birthday at Titans Gym in Walsboro.  Dillan was full blast and ready to go the entire party.  Daniel was scared to go onto the floor at first and screamed bloody murder.  He enjoyed keeping to himself and playing on what he wanted to.  There were kids everywhere and I was getting entertained by Ben and Brandon (workers...and friends) trying to coral them all.  It was like our life...WILD! 

School started on August 4th too.  I woke up and made them muffins for their birthday.  They wore their birthday shirts to school and seemed excited about going.  David wasn't too excited about what I had for him to wear to school.  Apparently a t-shirt with plaid shorts is church clothes and church clothes are terrible!  He had a mini meltdown, but got over it.  Dillan and Daniel began going to preschool (tool) for the first time and David entered 3rd grade.  3rd grade...WOW!  I can't believe we have a kid that old.  I do have to brag that he tested on a 7th grade reading level this year too.  We are proud of him and how much he loves to read and learn about science related things.  Anyway, D & D had cupcakes for their birthday on the first day of school.  Sorry about that Mrs. Wanda!  That afternoon we went home and I cooked them birthday pancakes with sprinkles and a doughnut cake.  I think their day was special. 

Mawmaw's 81st birthday was August 10.  We took her out to Ranchito the night before.  Her wearing the sombrero was priceless.  We had a good time. 
We went to Splash Adventure on the 10th in Birmingham.  The park wasn't busy at all.  We didn't have to worry too much about losing a kid, so that was great.  The kids loved it and I have to admit I did too. 
Mom's birthday was on the 23rd.  We went to Wind Creek on Lake Martin and enjoyed the day.  Mom's friend Monica surprised her with a camping trip there.   We took the boat our and played on the Maui Mat.  Dillan ended the day with a 103.5 fever so we ended up at Urgent Care this morning.  He has flu...yes, flu, in August, in Alabama! 

All in all, August has been great. 

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