Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Memories

I love CHRISTmas time!  I remember as a child being so excited to help my Mama decorate the yard with lights (white only because she didn't like the color ones).  I remember looking for a Christmas tree with my Dad along the river banks.  One year in particular sticks out because while trying to get a tree, my Dad stuck the saw down the back of his pants.  He squatted down behind the tree because he thought he heard someone coming and ripped his brand new Levis!  The same tree blew out of the boat on the ride home.  We found it in the road, crushed.  I cried so hard!  We ended up having a tree that was flat on one side up against the wall!  I also remember the joy of taking out the ornaments from the old and worn shoeboxes and placing them on the tree.  We always used homemade ornaments too, not the fancy ones.  I loved that!  I have so many great memories getting ready for Christmas!  I am trying to do the same for our three sweet boys.
Life is all about making memories.  The boys and I made salt dough ornaments one day.  Dillan and Daniel made a Santa and Rudolph from their handprints.  David wanted a baby Jesus (made this Mama proud) and a snowman.  They have each colored an ornament.  David was talking about D & D's scribbling so I showed him his ornament from when he was 2.  Yeah, it looked just like theirs!  He thought that was funny.  Walter (we conned him into it), David, and I put on the Christmas ornaments one night after the babies went to bed.  Maybe they can help next year.  Daniel has only broken 2 of them this year.  Yes, he's the destructive one!  David helped me wrap presents for everyone.  He was a big helper.  I cherish these time because I know they probably want last forever... although I hope they will.  We made snowmen out of powdered doughnuts for David's class party Tuesday night and then went to look at Christmas lights with my Mawmaw, Aunt ReRe, and Mom.  It was a fun night of laughter...mostly at my Mawmaw and the crazy things that happen to her.  The Quinn 5 went to look at lights one night too.  We really like the Christmas story in the neighborhood behind Smokin S BBQ.  All three kids SCREAM "Christmas lights" EVERY time they see some.  Scream and every are in caps for a reason! 
Christmas memories are in the making for the Quinn's.  I hope they are for you too. 

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