Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

This week has been great so far! I am a busy body and have a hard time staying still.  I like to go, go, go and that is what we have done!

Saturday we participated in the Hope 4 Houston Run in Wetumpka.  This was our first experience with 5Ks.  We ARE NOT runners, but this was something we felt led to do... all of us.  David wanted to run to so he could earn miles for the 50 Mile Club at school.  We froze our rearends off, but had a great time. 

Sunday we traveled to Georgia.  I have always wanted to go to Callaway Gardens, but have never been.  Walter hasn't ever been either.  We went early so we could enjoy the trails and other things there.  I think our favorite was the Butterfly Garden.  David wanted to catch one of the butterflies so bad.  We enjoyed the outdoors.  Walter wants to go back another day so we can see everything.  That night we rode on the trolley to see the Christmas lights.  They were beautiful.  By the end of the ride, Daniel was ill and ready to sleep!

Monday we froze again and enjoyed the outdoors at my Dad's.  We walked around in the woods, had a leaf fight, threw rocks and sticks into the creek, and ate junk! 

Tuesday, it was a rainy, wet, cold mess so we stayed in.  I decided we would make ornaments thanks to Pinterest.  David and I mixed the dough and baked it.  David, Dillan, and Daniel made handprints.  We used a cookie cutter to make each one a dinosaur.  After we baked them and let them cool, they painted them.  That was fun until the babies started getting paint all over my floor... game over! 

Today, we left early and went to my Dad's work.  I wanted to take them again before he retires.  It was a good day.  We were taken on a fire truck ride down the runway.  At one end we squirted water out the front of the truck.  David was grinning ear to ear, Dillan was silent and staring, and Daniel had his mean luck shaking his head no!  The noise scared him a bit but he was a trooper.  We went to the other end of the runway and waited on the F-16s to taxi down.  This was the coolest thing!  We saw how the crew works!  The pilot kept waving at us and the kids waved back.  One of them gave us the thumbs up when he left.  Daniel told each plane bye as it left.  It was a great learning experience and great memory.  I know my Dad was happy and so were we. 

Tomorrow we will eat as a family at my Mom's house and be thankful for all we have and do.  I can't wait!

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