Friday, July 19, 2013

Toddler Bed for One

Well, there are two things I have dreaded for,a loooooong time.  One is potty training two kids boys at once.  The other is putting them in a toddler bed.  You see, there was never enough time or hands to rock these two.  Therefor, bed and nap time was so easy.  We would lay them down and they would go to sleep.  Bam, that easy!
Well, due to one baby (Dillan) with chunky legs getting stuck in the crib, we were forced to put up the toddler bed.  One day the kids and I were here.  We were going to leave for the beach that afternoon.  They went down for a nap.  About 30 minutes later I heard a scream which is unusual.  I ran into the room and Dillan's legs were stuck between the slats.  I tried to pull them out.  Then push. No luck.  David had come in by this time and Daniel's sleepy eyes were peeking over watching.  I tried to push the mattress away.  Still didn't work.  Then I tried to pull the slats apart enough to get him out.  Finally, I just started jerking the slats.  I broke one and one leg was out.  Then I broke another.  Soooooo the crib was no longer useable.  We actually burned it int he burn pile tonight.
Anyway, we left for the beach and Walter went to get David's toddler bed.  Since he couldn't find the screws (he looked real hard) I attempted to put it together.  Walter helped me finish later when he got home.  Dillan was scared to sleep I. It the first night.  He cried, but I assured him it was okay and he was a big boy.  Daniel just looked at it for a while and then went to sleep.  As time has gone on, Dillan is more used to the bed.  He now gets up and plays with Daniel, walks around, gets shoes out.  So now I stand post at the bird and rush in when I hear him get up.  The look on his face its priceless every time.  Like he is surprised.  Now I dread getting Daniel a bed.  Two against one.

Notice the bite marks on the bed from David.   

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