Saturday, July 6, 2013

Little Firefighters

Pawpaw has such a cool work place!  He is the Assistant Fire Chief at Dannelly Field in Montgomery.  When we go visit we get to see all the fire trucks, airplanes, and play pool.  Well, David plays pool, not me.  I wanted to take all the kids for a visit since my Dad will retire in less than a year.  It was a lot different taking 3 mobile children instead of 1. 

We started out by the runway waiting on the F-16s to take flight.  While we waited we saw some commercial airplanes and an old military plane take off.  One of the fire trucks was out setting the cable for the F-16s.  When they rode by they turned on the sirens and lights for the boys.  The pilots waved at the boys as they taxied by.  That's always pretty cool.  The F-16s finally zoomed by for take off!  The noise is sooooo loud! 

We walked up to play on the fire trucks.  Daniel and Dillan wanted to flip every switch so Dad and I were busy trying to keep them away from the switches!  David wanted to get on top of the trucks.  Of course, we let him go with one of us.  He got on all of them except for one.  Of course, my Dad felt guilty for him not getting on the #6 truck.  I pick on him about being a softy with the grands!  :)

Things got a little trickier when we went inside for David to play on the pool table.  That didn't last long.  After chasing them around to keep them out of everything and making a mess with their snack, it was time to go back outside... or better yet HOME! 

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