Friday, June 21, 2013

Corn Creek Park

I love taking the kids on adventures.  My Dad is always willing to go along with us.  This time we went down to Corn Creek Park.  My Dad grew up playing in this creek and so did I.  We had taken David one or two times when he was small.  David remembered the waterfall a few weeks ago and started saying he wanted to go.  I don't know how he remembers that far back, but he does 

The water was up so we had to carry Dillan and Daniel along the edge of the bank to get to the waterfall.  My Dad was holding Dillan and went to step in the water and bloop, fell in.  Luckily they only sank to Dad's waist.  Dillan and Daniel could stand and the water was not too high.  They picked up rocks off the bottom and threw them in the water.  David played on the bigger rocks and in the running water. 

After snack time, we moved up the creek a little.  Dad carried Dillan again.  He went to step in the edge of the water where there was some rocks and bloop, down they went.  This time he landed more on rocks than water.  Dillan cried because he was scared.  Dad felt bad and I just didn't say much.  When someone falls its always better to keep your mouth shut.  Just think thoughts inside your head.  :)  Anyway, we played for a while and even saw lots of baby bass swimming around us.  It was a good day, but I'm not sure if Dillan will let Pawpaw carry him around anymore. 

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