Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Eat Food When You Can Have Plastic?

Let me just start by saying, Walter and I have both gained a lot of gray hairs since the birth of Daniel and Dillan.   David was such an easy baby and child.  The same can't be said for them!

After the hospital scare last week, you would think we could catch a break... WRONG!  Friday morning we woke up as usual.  Walter got the babies up and gave them their milk.  I made David's breakfast and started getting dressed.  It was still pretty dark in the living room.  Walter had Daniel in his lap giving him his breathing treatment.  He told me he stunk and something was in his hair.  I walked over to check it out.  At the same time, Daniel threw up.  After a minute, I put him in the sink and gave him a bath.  Five minutes later, he threw up 3 more times.  By this time, I was running way behind. 

I gave Walter instructions of staying home with him and off Dillan, David, and I went.  Not even five minutes later Walter called and said there was tiny white pieces of plastic in his vomit.  WHAT?!  When, where, and why in the world had the child eaten plastic? 

I called Dr. Carlile as soon as they opened.  I don't think they are EVER surprised to hear from me.  We probably would receive the "Most Valuable Patient" award if there were one.  Dr. Carlile gets a lot of our mullah!   Anyway, he said for us to go have an x-ray asap and then come to his office.  Walter did just that.  I was very proud of him!  No large pieces were seen on the x-ray.  God blessed us AGAIN!  If it had been metal, he would have gone straight to surgery.  He said the body would reject the plastic and throw up until it was all out. He only threw up one more time but was puny they rest of the day.  Today, he is back to himself... into EVERYTHING!!!

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