Monday, December 31, 2012

Jesus' Birthday

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I love all the traditions that go with it.  I love making cookies.  I love dipping Ritz crackers and peanut butter in chocolate.  I love all the Christmas parties.  I love the lights.  I love the colors.  I love decorating the tree. I love shopping for gifts.  I love watching the kids open their presents!  I love it all!!!

This year was as busy as ever.  It was a bit easier going from place to place since the babies are off formula and more mobile.  Christmas Eve we went to Walter's parents' house for lunch.  My grandparents came and celebrated with us too.  We had Karla's yummy percolator punch and then opened presents.  David was overjoyed with his Terrain Twister.  The babies weren't too interested.  They were all over the place.  Dillan did take the time to open a box of clothes and then throw them all over the floor.  Then they watched David play with his Terrain Twister.  I thought he was going to take out the clock with it.  Thankfully it was safe!  After present time we had lasagna and bread.  Did I mention I love lasagna??? 

We left after lunch to come home for nap time.  Dillan and Daniel slept while we rested for a brief moment.  My Dad and Dale came over that afternoon to have Christmas.  We exchanged presents again.  This time, they all got ride on toys.  David got a new bike and D & D got a Little Big Wheel each.  Everyone enjoyed watching the kids play.

David and I made cookies and chocolate milk after they left and sat them out for Santa.  Walter, David, and I read Luke 2 in the Bible and then a Christmas book.  We looked on the computer to see where Santa had been and where he was headed.  At that time, he was going to Canada, so we had to get to sleep. 

David awoke us at 6:00.  Walter looked at me and said "Shouldn't there be a rule that he has to wait until daylight?  That was the rule for me."  I was just happy it wasn't 4:00.  That's what time Josh and I got up when we were kids.  I know because I would set the alarm clock!!!  Anyway, we rolled out of bed to see what Santa had brought.  He had brought TOO MUCH!  We played with the Santa toys and then Daniel awoke.  Dillan wasn't too far behind.  We all enjoyed Santa presents and then opened presents to each other.  I got 2 special presents this year... a bracelet with all three kids' names on it and a picture of a manger made out of David's footprint with baby Jesus in it.  I got other things too, but it's the sentimental things that make you smile.  Anyway, Mom came over a couple hours later.  David got a motorized scooter from her and the other 2 got little motorized 4-wheeler things.  So far, David hasn't hurt himself or the vehicles!

We went for lunch at Mom's with her, Mawmaw and Pop, Karla and Jim, and us.  We ate too much again!  Presents from and to Mawmaw and Pop were exchanged and then guess what we did?  Played some more!  Daniel and Dillan's new thing is dancing.  Walter says Daniel has Mexican in him because he gets his little feet to going so fast!  Dillan is a little slower with some tippy toe action and sometimes he adds a split at the end.  Love my children!

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