Friday, January 6, 2012

Did you say they are 5 months old???

5 months... where has the time gone? Our sweet peas are learning and growing exremely fast! On January 4th, they turned 5 months old. It was their first day back to day care since we got out of school for CHRISTmas. When I picked them up that day, their teacher said "They sure have grown some attitudes!" An attitude could be good. I mean, you don't want people to run over you. In a baby's world, I guess that means if I don't want to lay here don't make me, or if I want some food, give it to me!

They are both great babies! I guess you would now consider them "easy" babies. They go to sleep pretty easily, especially my sleepy head, Dillan. They like baths now. They go 3-4 hours between feedings. Dillan sleeps all night most of the time. Daniel usually wakes up to eat around 4-5 and then goes back to sleep. There spit up problem doesn't seem to be AS bad. That doesn't mean they have stopped, just that they don't smell like throw up all the time!

We are definately blessed with preemie babies who are right on track. Here is what they are into now.

  • eats 6 ounces

  • smiles

  • laughs out loud (and it is funny)

  • babbles

  • sucks on ALL 4 fingers

  • cuddles


  • eats 6 ounces

  • smiles

  • laughs out loud

  • babbles

  • sucks on his thumb

  • kicks

  • hits object hanging

  • grasp the back of his head

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