Saturday, November 14, 2015


I read an article this week about infertility in my Redbook magazine and learned some things I didn't know even though we went through infertility.  Did you know 1 in 8 couples have fertility problems? Many of those go in debt trying to have a baby.  Insurance usually pays for part of treatments, meds, and labs or none.
Fortunately, Walter and I never had to borrow money during our process.  Our insurance paid for some, but we did pay out of pocket for labs, medicine, and travel.  I'm not sure of the total amount, but it wasn't cheap.
Infertility also messes with you physically and mentally.  You have hormones and other types of medicines entering your body and you are on a roller coaster ride of emotions...wondering will it work this time, is this the right decision, is this what God wants us to do, will it ever work?  Should we try another month?  We had decided to try one more month and then stop if it didn't work.  The "one more month" we tried was the month God decided to bless us big.  Even if we didn't get pregnant, we still knew God was in control.
When miscarriages happen, you are thrown for another loop.  We would have 7 kids if they were all successful pregnancies, one being from my last pregnancy when we started out with triplets.  Getting pregnant and then losing the baby is tough.  It will test your faith.  Thankfully, our faith grew through our journey, but we didn't ever realize why we had to go through this while we were going through it.  Some things we will never know the reason for and that's okay.  I know now I can help others who are on a similar path.  I can understand them when others can't.  I can be more grateful for my husband and the kids we have.  I can talk openly about our struggles.  I can tell people how blessed we are when they look at our crew and say we have our hands full.  Yes, we have our hands full and our hearts too.

If you want to read more of our journey I have several other posts on this blog from 2011.

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