Thursday, February 6, 2014


 Snow Days in Alabama are rare and we get excited!  This was the first snow in 4 years and the first in our new house!  Walter started the morning hunting in Macon County.  I finally called him and told him to come home, the roads were closing!  He had now clue about all the ice and wrecks.

David and Walter went out and played first while I stayed in with the boys.  Later we all went out.  The boys only stayed out for about 5 minutes.  They didn't know what to think.   
 David and I stayed out and played.  We tried to have a snowball fight, but the snow was powdery this time and didn't stick together well.  We walked down to the pond to see the ice that covered it.

We even tried to "sled" down a little hill on a pizza box.  That was a fail!  We both hit the ground with a thud... and just laughed! 

I tried to write something funny in the snow, but David didn't appreciate it and he wiped it away, twice, before I could take the picture. It was supposed to say the Poot Family because that's the only air that circulates in a house full of 4 boys.

We also performed a science experiment by making a snow volcano made out of baking soda, food coloring, and vinegar. 

It was a fun 2 days and we loved it!  Now we are glad it is gone and thankful we were not stuck in the crazy traffic!

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