Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Things

Things change so quickly.  It's amazing how fast children learn.  We went fir Dillan and Daniel's 18 month check- up a couple weeks ago.  dillan is 28 pounds and Daniel is 26.  They look like there is more than 2.5 pounds in between them.  I guess because Daniel is shorter too.  His head is larger.  It's a different shape.  We went out to eat Friday night and a lady asked me what is their age difference.  I didn't think fast enough and I said none...they are twins!  Like I've said, they are so different

They are saying so many new words!  Her are a few:

  •  Mama
  • bubba
  • pow
  • paw (for pawpaw)
  • sponge bob
  • hot (in a Granny voice)

  • Mama
  • sponge bob
  • granny
  • no
  • Snack
  • More
  • Boat
  • Pop
David James is turning 7 this month on the 23rd.  We are planning a nature hunt here at the house for his party.  David is excited and so am I.  He is such a special kid.  God has blessed us with him for 7 years!

We have another celebration this month.  Walter and I celebrated 9 years of marriage on the 6th.  9 years!  Time sure does fly.  I'm not sure he would say the same.  Haha!  

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