Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Baby is in Kindergarten!

David James Quinn did what every 5 year old does... he went to Kindergarten. On August 16, 2011 Walter and I walked our baby to Mrs. Kelley's classroom at Eclectic Elementary School. Only 6 kids were there that day and 4 of them were already sitting at a big table. There was a coloring page in front of each chair. Mrs. Kelley showed David how to unpack his bag and where to put his folder. He went and sat down in front of a coloring page. He doesn't like coloring so I thought he would tell her. Fortunately, he did not. He began coloring instead. The room was extrememly quiet... until David sat down. He grabbed a red crayon and announced he was coloring the apple red. Then the same with the yellow pencil and so on. He wasn't shy at all. I wonder what his teacher thought??? Walter and I told him bye and we loved him. He said the same and that was that.

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